Thinking of giving your channel a complete upgrade?

Hint: Yes, you did come to the right place!

Does any of this sound familiar?...

You want a professional banner that's going to grab the attention of every person that goes on your channel.

This package aims to get you started with the perfect branding for your youtube channel. This advanced package comes with the intro, outro and the banner and additional bonus features.

So what are you getting?...

✔️ Animated Intro designed to show what your channel is about.

  • Unlimited Photo Options

  • Any Desired Length 

  • Special Effects (Custom Subscribe Animations, popular Instagram Scroll, Sound Effects, and special effect integration.) 

  • Social Media Names + Email Integration, if desired

✔️ Stunning Banner designed to wow your audience.

  • 1-8 photos 

  • Social Media Name (Optional) 

  • Content Info (Optional) 

  • Fully customizable

  • Carefully designed to match your intro+outro

✔️Straightforward Outro that persuades every viewer to watch more of your videos.


It's nothing diffiult about getting the project started.

I already know that designing your own Youtube brand is not easiest. 

You’re having a hard time figuring out what to put where. The design looks ameturish, almost as if you didn't have not one design bone in your body. 

Are there even templates that exist that DON’T look like they were designed by just any and everyone?


You’ve been trying to pull inspiration from other projects you love, but it just ends up looking duct-taped together and like a total hot mess.

And most of you who try to do it on your own are frustrated because it's just time consuming to try to learn this new skill when there are so many other things that you could be doing... I know. 

This is what takes place:

Once you book my services, you will be directed to a questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of questions that are going to help me get a full understanding of how I should design your project. 

The questionnaire is designed to make the process very simple for you

All you have to worry about is filling out the form and allow your project to be finished. 

There's an Art and a Science to Branding your Youtube Channel.


Branding your youtube channel correctly will be the reason you get more sponsors, more subscribers, and more people talking about your channel in a positive way. 

Why do you think that the most popular Youtube channels today have intros, outros, and banners? It's because they want to present themselves as a certain type of brand.  


Where do I even begin with this project Lord??? So if anyone knows me they know that Youtube has been something I've ALWAYS wanted to do be part of. I've been trying to accomplish my channel for almost six years and never got anywhere. So a week ago I stepped out on faith and book Le Diamant. When I saw my final project, my heart dropped in excitement. What she never realized was that the project has opened my eyes even more and has pushed me to upload now. This woman is talented I will continue to work with her in the future. If you know anyone that's just starting Youtube or has been on there for a while, refer her to them I promise they will be happy when they book her.




No, I don't work with everyone. So how do you know if you qualify?

✔️ You're NEW to the youtube world and you understand the importance of presenting yourself professionally.

✔️ You're not afraid to invest in yourself and what's important to you.

✔️ You want to be successful on Youtube and have the patience to take the necessary steps.

✔️ You understand that getting your intro, outro and banner done are only the first steps!

✔️ You have some sort of following on Youtube and you know it's time to branch out.


 It doesn't matter what youtube niche you fall in! 

Whether you want a beauty guru theme, a family channel theme, romantic vibes, goofy vibes, OR dark and serious theme... no matter what sort of look you're going for, I got you! 

Wondering what my process is like?

All you have to worry about is completing the questionnaire and sending me your pictures and videos that you want in the final project. Everything else will be left to me.


Animated intros are my favorite to design because I can be super creative with your project according to your preferences. Once you send me your photos and videos, I catch a glimpse of your personality which helps me incorporate certain effects and animations into your intro. 

If I see that you like lots of glam and makeup, I'll incorporate that sort of look into your intro. If you send me lots of family pictures and videos, then I'll make the intro look very family-friendly and fun to your potential subscribers.

I always keep in mind what your style preference is, but I always think about your potential subscribers and how I can remind them to subscribe and engage with your content.


Having your banner designed professionally is a very smart move. That's the first thing that people see when they visit your channel. 

I always make the banner match the intro + outro so that your whole youtube channel can be cohesive. 

I display the content that you'll be providing and I'll design it match your channel vibes. When people click on your channel, they'll be amazed every time at how professional and stunning your banner looks. 

They'll be reminded to subscribe (which is what you want!) and if you have a specific schedule of when you'd like to upload, I can include that in there as well.


When a potential subscriber watches your entire video and they haven't subscribed yet, the outro will be a reminder to subscribe and continue with your call to action, whether it's a download or clicking on your next video! 


Remember you want to keep your viewers engaged, even until the very end of your video so I make sure I design something that will persuade them to keep watching your youtube channel. 

I always tell my clients, just because you're a new YouTuber doesn't mean that you have to appear as one. Do it the best way always. Don't be afraid to stand out as the best. It doesn't matter how far you are in the game or if you haven't even set up your channel name. 

It's super easy...

Send me as many photos and videos as you'd like...

Fill out the questionnaire...

That's it literally.

A beautifully designed project...

Plus when you order now, you're getting this for free...

And social media icons that you can put in your videos so people will know your social media names.

And guess what! 

The original value for everything is $300

Your total investment is only $225 

plus you're getting 17 free animations + free social media icons that matches your project to add to each of your videos.

Let's go over the value of this project!

One thing that people do not recognize is that I truly want the best for my clients. So many people reach out with lots of potential to grow in the Youtube Industry. But they're too afraid to invest in something that's going to benefit their channel.

This is why I encourage you all to just do what you need to do.

You have the opportunity to...

You can easily get a banner that looks like this...

Or an intro like this...

Or even an outro like the ones down below...

Ahh Just Imagine...

✔️ Feeling EXCITED and CONFIDENT about where your channel is going to go.

✔️ Actually looking like you know what you're doing on your channel. 

✔️ The peace of mind knowing that you made the right decision on getting professional work done. 

✔️Seeing your personality-filled pictures and videos beautifully designed before your video starts and after your video starts.

✔️ Getting to show off your new project to your friends and family and really prove to them how serious you are about youtube.

Need some receipts?



If you're like me it's not that you're afraid to invest, it's just that you want to make sure you're money is going to be going into something valuable. You want to make sure that you're getting your money's worth. 

I get it.  Let me reassure you because I am the same way.

Here's what you're getting when you work with me...


Once you book my services, I respond to you at all times with your questions and concerns. I never leave you hanging or unaware of what's going on with your project. I make sure that I keep you updated!

And everything you receive is high resolution. All of my work is done using professional software.


I analyze the questionnaire you fill out to make sure I'm designing not only based on your preference but designing based on what's going to gain you more subscribers and likes.


It does not matter how unsure you are or how indecisive you are, I will work with you nonetheless and help you find a solution. You don't even have to have ALL of your pictures ready at the moment.