Top 6 Reasons You Need An Intro Right Now!

For some of you, the word ‘intro’ might sound foreign. I’ve had plenty of customers ask me what an intro was and why they would need to have one designed. So let me explain.

An intro is a short video that introduces you and what your channel is about. If you’re an aspiring beauty guru, then your intro would probably feature your best pictures showing off your favorite lipstick. If you’re planning on doing vlogs, then your intro might feature photos of you, your family and friends that are going to be in your future videos. If you’re in a relationship, then an intro is going to be perfect for you to tell a story to your audience. Have you heard what’s selling nowadays? It’s not just about telling your viewers to subscribe anymore. If you have a beautifully designed intro showing off your personality or personal life, they will be more inclined to subscribe to your channel.

It’s even happened to me. There were times that I landed on an unfamiliar channel and was so compelled to subscribe simply because they had an amazing intro. That’s the power of having an intro for your channel.

So without any further delay, here are the top 6 reasons why you need an intro -like yesterday!

  1. Professionalism

  2. Call To Action

  3. Audience Retention Rate

  4. Content Awareness

  5. Entertaining

  6. Confidence Booster

1. Professionalism

Why it’s important to have professionalism on your channel

Having an intro makes your channel look more official. Let’s be honest, have you ever clicked off of a channel simply because the video quality was terrible or because the video did not look neat or professional? In this day and age, people are more attracted to professionalism more than anything. When you get your intro done professionally, your viewers will not click off immediately when they accidentally clicked on your video Why? Because although you might have a few subscribers, the professionalism of your channel caught their eye.

Being professional when you’re first starting on Youtube or when you already have a good amount of subscribers is important because it shows people that you’re serious about your channel. You’ll even gain more respect from your fellow YouTubers because then it will not only be about doing ‘sub4sub’ anymore. Those with the intentions of just writing ‘sub4sub’ on your channel are going to give you more respect and they’ll actually watch your content and leave good feedback because of the professionalism in your channel.

Think about this for a second: When you see someone in a suit walking with their briefcase -as if they were in a movie- it sort of makes you want to stand up a bit straight or change up the way you speak so you sound a bit more professional. Why? Because when the brain sees professionalism, it automatically sends a message to you to be professional as well.

It’s the same concept when you get a professional intro made.

2. Call To Action

Having a strong call to action in your intro matters

A call to action is what businesses do when they tell someone to sign up for their offer or do a free trial. In your case as a YouTuber, it would be telling your audience to subscribe to your channel. However, having a weak call to action is not going to make anyone subscribe to your channel. You need to give your viewers a real reason to subscribe.

Having an intro sort of warms ups your viewers to you. They get to see your personality and part of your story -when done the right ways- and when your intro features ‘subscribe’, then your viewers will be persuaded to subscribe to your channel.

It’s like meeting someone who’s selling candy in their school to help buy new uniforms for their basketball team. Sometimes you won’t buy from them because they didn’t give you a reason to purchase from them. Now, if they approach you differently, giving you a story as to why they’re selling the candy, you’ll more than likely buy the candy. It’s because we resonate more with stories and problems.

So if you’re intro introduces your channel and makes your viewers know a piece of you before they even watch the entirety of the video, they’ll already be ready to subscribe before they even know it.

3. Audience Retention Rate

Higher retention rates mean more viewers which equals more subscribers

Now don’t be afraid of this word! I know at first glance, you’re like … what in the world… But it’s not something to get stressed about. Let me explain! In the simplest word, Youtube audience retention is the average view duration for all videos on your channel. For example, if your viewers get halfway through your video, they will have a retention rate of 50%.

Your audience retention rate is important to pay attention to because you can get an overall measure of how well your video keeps its audience. 

If you want to have people watch your videos longer, it needs to be visually engaging. Having an intro at the beginning of every video will boost the retention rate of your video. The goal is to have the audience retention rate over 50% so Youtube can automatically show your content to different people. With higher retention, Youtube will see that your video is worth watching.

An intro is only the beginning of what is needed to grow your channel even more. You should always include some fun animations throughout your video like an animated subscribe button or cool animations that include a call to action like ‘like this video’ or ‘comment down below’. Everything is so visual in this generation. If you capture the attention of your viewers the first time, that’s a very good sign that they’ll more than likely come back to see more of your content -which is the goal!

4. Content Awareness

Let your viewers be more inclined to subscribe by including your niche

How many times have you clicked on a video or a channel looking to see what the channel was about, but couldn’t find it anywhere on the page unless the person stated it at the beginning of the video? I know I have. They were plenty of times that I came across a video, actual liked the content that they were sharing, went to search what the channel was about, and I would end up not subscribing because I wanted to know what exactly I was subscribing to. It makes you feel unsatisfied. Think about how many people want to know what your channel is about before they subscribe to your channel.

Getting a professional intro done will include what your channel is about. Now a lot of the times, if it does not include what your channel is about then it can easily be applied to your banner. Your intro and banner are always going to coexist. Maybe you just want your intro to feature your personality, family and friends, and you want your banner to feature what your content is going to be about. Either way, it still works because then your potential subscribers are going to have the best of both worlds.

Having your content shown in your intro could be the very reason why someone quickly subscribes to your channel because they’ll resonate with what your channel is about. That’s why it’s good to have a niche in the youtube community. Those that will come to you will be drawn to your niche. They’ll be drawn to the kind of content that you’re sharing with the world.

Plus, once you include what your channel is about in your intro or banner, then you don’t have to explain it at the beginning of your video every time. Remember, the goal is to increase your subscribers and have your viewers watch more than half of your video. If your introduction is more than 30 seconds long, there’s a high possibility that the audience retention rate will drop. That’s because someone clicked on your video to see how it correlates to the title. It’ll throw them off that you’re introducing yourself and your channel for more than 30 seconds. People’s attention span is so small and our brains don’t want to focus on so much speech. Our ears want to lean on what we want to hear. If someone clicked on your video to see how to wear their natural hair for 7 days straight, that’s what they want to see. They want you to get straight to the point and provide the content.

Now, if you have your intro done, not only will it be visually engaging, but it will also provide what your channel is about. Therefore, you won’t have to talk so much in the beginning. You’ll be able to get right into the video and have your viewers stay on longer to watch your video, which is exactly what you want!

5. Entertainment

Why an entertaining youtube intro is effective for your channel

Youtube is a place for entertainment. If your viewers are not being entertained you’ll lose them immediately. As I mentioned earlier, people’s attention span to videos are very small. It’s just the way it is in the Youtube community. If you do not give them something entertaining from the very beginning, they’ll click off and you’ll never even know you had an extra viewer.

Having an intro builds excitement for your channel. The music, the popular effect like the Instagram roll, your best pictures… It’s just something about animations that people love and watch.

If you have a banger intro from the very beginning, boy o boy, you’re doing something right. You’ll have them coming back for more, especially if your channel is fairly new and still trying to grow. Some of your viewers will not be expecting a well done, animated intro. So when they see that, that’ll spark something in their brain telling them to keep on watching. Why do you think that a majority of big YouTubers have an intro? It’s needed.

Have you ever noticed that you stayed more than the expected time on Youtube? For example, you would go on youtube to watch 1 or 2 videos of your favorite YouTubers before going to bed, and then you come across another video which leads you to stay up another 10 or 15 minutes longer, and then somehow hours have gone by and you’re still on Youtube? Well, that’s what entertainment will do to you.

Having that animated intro in the very beginning, when it’s done the right way will provide a part of the entertainment that your channel needs.

6. Confidence Booster

Having an intro will make you more confident with your channel

I’ve actually been really surprised with the reactions I’ve gotten after I’ve completed youtube intros for my clients. Most of them told me that they didn’t have the faith nor the confidence to start up their youtube channel until I designed their intro for them. It took me by surprise because I didn’t think that having an intro would boost up their confidence with the channel. That’s when I realize that it’s just something about being fully prepared that just gets you ready to do what you have to do.

Having an intro is not only telling your viewers that you’re serious about youtube, but it’s sort of a like an affirmation that you can do the whole youtube thing. Having an intro will give you the confidence that you need.

Some of you may be skeptical in starting your youtube channel because maybe you’re afraid of what the viewers might say or you think you’re simply not ready. It’s all a mental thing. Plan your content, get the right graphics done -intro, banner, outro and subscribe animations-, get yourself a good quality camera and get started with your channel. The only thing holding you back is yourself.

So that was the top 6 reasons why you need an intro right now! If you haven’t gotten yours yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for!


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