A minimum deposit is required to attend this class, but the final payment will be due before the class begins. If you want to pay in full, you have the option of doing that as well! 


Please note: All final deposits are due before the class begins which can be paid through Cashapp or Paypal. 


The class will cover everything you need to know about designing a professional youtube intro; 




  • Techniques I use to get the video in high quality every time. 
  • Things I wish I knew about designing intros that make the designing process easier.
  • How to create an intro from scratch to the final results. 
  • How I was able to get my first client 
  • Tips on starting your own business in design


Whether you want to do this fun or start your very own business doing this, I've got you covered. 


I'll be sharing things that no one else does, and I hope that by doing so, I'll be a help for whatever you want to do with this new skill. 


This masterclass will be live so you'll be able to ask me anything about the process. 

Intro Design Masterclass

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