Seriously, no need to stress about what content you're going to put out for the rest of the month! 

Copy the title, film the video, and publish the video! It’s that easy!

Original Price: $25

What are you getting exactly?

31 video ideas that are going to get your channel views this Christmas! 

I've carefully compiled a list of video ideas that will last you for the rest of the month! 

  • What's even better is that the list is placed in a calendar for you so you don't even have to worry about when to upload these videos!

  • You can edit the calendar to your liking and as simple as that, you'll have a solid plan. No more trying to figure out what to upload for the rest of the month. Everything is done for you!


As a bonus, I included 15 CRAZY Christmas prank ideas that you're going to WANT to steal! This is perfect for the holidays and if you're not doing this NOW, then what are you doing?

Immediately after purchase, you will receive a direct Google Drive link that has the calendar template and the 15 Crazy Christmas Prank List! 


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